Friday, November 20, 2015

Bocas del Toro

When we left Panama we had a good downwind sail to Bocas. It took us 26 hours in 20 kt winds and 10’ seas. A bit rolly but all in all a good trip. We arrived at the beautiful Isla Bastimientos and stayed at the Red Frog Marina. The marina was not very expensive and was just beautiful. We had a least 4 people greet us upon arrival and everyone made us feel so welcome.  This is the spot we picked to hide for the Hurricane season. We arrived July first and left at the end of October. 
Red Frog Marina
Isla Bastimientos
During our time at Bocas it rained, rained and rained some more. People told us it was the rainy season but we never experienced anything quite like the constant downpours with thunder and lightening that we experienced here. But we still managed to have lots of fun with many, many panga trips to Bocas town, lots of hiking on the island and seeing so much wildlife. On our normal daily walks we would see slouth’s, two toed and three toed, white faced monkey’s, some having way to much fun! Red frogs, raccoons, snakes and so many beautiful parrots. 
Monkeys having fun

Bocas Town is a busy but small town on Isla Colon. Lots of water taxi’s, many small grocery stores and one gourmet store where you could get most anything that you might be missing from home. The people are very friendly and speak a combination of Jamaican, Spanish and English all in one sentence. We spent lots of time in Bocas Town and tried out many of their local restaurants. Some on other island’s surrounding the area. Had a wonderful Sunday brunch with fellow cruisers at Cosmic Crab which is built right on the water. Did a dinghy ride around the Cayo Nancy or Isla Solarte visited another beautiful spot for snorkeling and dining at the Blue Crab. There are also quaint motels built right on the water. We didn’t stay at any of them but the sure looked like they would be a lot of fun.
Blue Coconut

Cosmic Crab
Cosmicc Crab

Discovered that if you have a medical emergency at Red Frog it will take at least two hours to get to a hospital. Not the spot to get sick but all in all everything worked out fine. Just remember to take your sheets, blankets, bottled water and anything else you might need with you.
Steve, me and libby at Red Frog

Of course Libby loved having a dock to play on and pretty much owned the marina. She even attended Happy Hour at Cast-aways and sat at the bar for cocktails. We loved Bocas del Toro and would definitely visit again. Just next time not during rainy season.
Libby having cocktails at Cast-away!

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